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 Help ID'ing likely L-4 frame wreckage

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Sergeant Pilot
Sergeant Pilot

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PostSubject: Help ID'ing likely L-4 frame wreckage   Fri Apr 17, 2015 3:25 am

Dear L-Birds,

I'm posting this in the L-4 folder, but preface this message that the wreck in question could be an different type.

I recently visited the steel, tubular frame of a Liaison aircraft from World War II, that I believe to is from a Piper Cub L-4 aircraft.

Photo gallery:

I am seeking the forum's help to confirm:
1) What type of aircraft this is, if indeed an L-4
2) Im interested to know "diagnostic" pieces of wreckage are left to make such a conclusion. For instance, if any particular frames or structure are definative to one type.
3) Im interested to know if the wreckage can be further ID'ed as an L-4 or L-4A, etc.

Fuselage Measurements:
The width of the fuselage frame is approximately 70cm / 27.5".
The height of the fuselage frame is approximately 70cm / 27.5".

The fuselage length couldn't be accurately measured as it was damaged and bent, but estimated to be at least 5m+ / 16' in length
(frame only).

Photo reference:

Pilot / Observer Seat
The "U" shaped (seat frame?) is approximately 55cm / 21.6" tall and 33cm / 13" wide. Photo reference:

Tail Stabilizer
The tail stabilizer (one side only) is approximately 67cm / 26" wide and 1.35m / 4.4' tall. It has a rounded shape to the stabilizer portion. If indeed this is the tail stabilizer, this seems to indicate an L-4 (because the L-5 had more of rectangular shaped stabilizer).

Photo references:

Control Stick Arm
Has a central pipe with adaptors for two flight sticks (missing).

Photo reference:

Shock absorber
Shock absorber? Photo reference:

Unidentified structure / mount
Photo reference:

Tail wheel brace?
Photo reference - in background, stirrup shaped item

Thanks in advance and looking forward to working with the forum to make an identification.

Also, if anyone has the manual for the L-4 to confirm the above features, I'd be interested to get scans.

- Justin
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Admin from
Admin from

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PostSubject: Re: Help ID'ing likely L-4 frame wreckage   Tue Mar 08, 2016 12:47 am


It looks like all of your links go to bad URLs...

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Help ID'ing likely L-4 frame wreckage
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